Viva Habana!

Habana InnI just checked into the Habana Inn, Oklahoma City, OK. In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Habana is a gay “resort,” in other words, a sex club masquerading as a motel. I’m here to visit friends, maybe work and, mostly, plow some Great Plains ass.

I love the Habana. It’s everything the Parliament House in Orlando used to be and should still be; and what the Parliament Resort in Augusta GA still is. The staff, rude as they might sometimes be, actually encourage cruising the rooms after the on-site bars close. There is almost always a refreshing variety of men here looking for actual sex, not just a bunch of giggling queens gawking at the guests like they’re visiting a zoo. (Not that there are none of those.)

When I first left Philadelphia in 2000, escaping a stalking ex-lover, I stayed here for six weeks. Not only did I have a lot of sex but I was impressed with the masculinity of the men as well as the fact that this place even existed in such an unlikely place as OKC. I hope things haven’t changed much after four years of our recently re-elected “faith-based” administration.

I’ll be here until Monday, sitting in my shorts in my room window and cruising the internet using the Habana’s ancient and unreliable phone lines. (C’mon, guys! It’s 2004!! Let’s get some broadband going on in this place, fer Chrissake!)

Back soon!

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