A (very long) Christmas Story

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  1. I was literally starving for a non-Grindr post so this has sated my appetite (and then some!). First of all, they're a lesbian couple, so the implicit neuroticism doesn't surprise me. The dominant, abusive, passive-aggressive partner dominating the servile, cowering, but doggedly loyal other half is also a familiar paradigm that (if I may say so) mirrors – as much as it can, adjusted for gender variations – your most recent relationship's dynamic, save that you don't fit the submissive template, opting instead to be the self-contented, drama-averse loner (you know you are!). If anyone wonders how one becomes a solitary-minded person, this story is a good indicator. Multiply it by a few dozen instances and you get the recipe for lifelong distrust of people and a general discomfort with using ANYTHING that belongs to others, no matter how willing they are to foist it on you, given the inevitably high price they extract once you somehow fall foul of their (ever-changing) "rule" book.

    Anyway, I don't feel a thing for Connie. She could leave the relationship anytime if she wanted, unencumbered by the usual trappings of marriage (children, split ownership, disapproving reactions from neighbors, etc.). Clearly, she enjoys living on eggshells – probably enjoys the relief that comes with her abusive partner "apologizing" to her for these paroxysms of rage or the violent interventions with the label-maker. I can almost hear her justifying it with something pedestrian like, "she isn't always like that. She just has her moods. She's a good person" or something along those lines. Like I said, it's a mutually enjoyable/painful relationship and not your worry.

    Anyway, back to the pics. 😉

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