Josh Kruger Run-On Sentence of the Week (A Double Dose! Now With Name-Dropping!!)

Yet, instead of pointing out that the HIV+ community is the one most in need of understanding and acceptance vis a vis [sic] this abysmal term, Curry instead grapples with the often ignorant masses of the HIV- community, those poor darlings who still think that because I have HIV I should be reading Tony Kushner as I sit skeletal in my window before I decide to leap outward and splatter myself onto Fourth Street in a dramatic flourish like I’m Ed Harris.


And, considering that so many HIV+ undetectable men would spare themselves the annoying role of educator by having to explain what undetectable means and that they aren’t dying of AIDS every five minutes to well-meaning but frustrating potential sex partners and dates, I can confidently say that the world looks at me as HIV+ before it understands what my personal health status and the fact that I’m undetectable means.

via Josh Kruger.

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