Well, no nap for me! Finishing shaving my head at the mirror, I noticed someone staring in the window. Wow, handsome!! I dried off my skull and went to the door.

John was friendly, good-looking, naturally masculine, hairy and looking to play. And what a great kisser! We got so into that, it took us a while to get out of our clothes and into the bed. Lots of pit-licking, nipple and ass play while we tried to figure out who was topping—not that I had any doubt about it! He was sucking the two fingers I just had up his ass when I told him what a hot hole he had. Then he asked me what I wanted to put up there. Well, my dick and then my hand, of course. And I did.

Damn, what a talented hole this man had. What incredible muscle control. He was nice and tight for fucking and then he opened right up for my forearm. I love feeling the head of my cock as it pierces a hairy hole and he liked squeezing it when I entered him. I was in fucking heaven. He liked getting fucked deep and he ground his ass into me, not letting me pull out for another plunge. I had to stop, though, or I would shoot and have to recover before I could do anything else, and I had to get my hand in there. Really. I had to.

I managed to pull out. I grabbed the lube and poured some on my hand. He understood instantly. More kissing and pit-licking (we were both nice and ripe now) as I worked more fingers into his ass. Finally, he got on his hands and knees and let me know he was ready. There was some effort but he swallowed my hand pretty easily. Then he pushed and pushed until I was up to the elbow. Damn.

He asked me to pull out and then push back in again. Then he did something I’ve never seen or felt before: Using only his muscles, he pushed my arm out and then sucked it back in over and over again! It was amazing and got me rock hard again. He did the same thing upright on his knees, too!

Back on his hands and knees, he begged me to stretch his hole using both hands. I got both in past the wrists and couldn’t go any farther. I clasped my hands inside him and pushed my arms away from each other but no dice.

I was ready to pop and said so. He asked me to hold on a little while longer. He got on his back with a couple of pillows under his ass and I punch fucked him with my fist, sometimes just twisting my hand in his hole.

Finally, I put my hand and my dick in at the same time and I jacked myself inside him until I shot. I kept them both in there until he got himself off, too.


We cleaned up, made out a little more and he left. I sure wouldn’t mind playing with this one again.

I’m starving!

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