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The Phoenix

What can I say?? Some great nights make up for all of the dull, pointless, irritating ones.

KellyThe light in the upstairs bathroom at The Phoenix had been unscrewed so it was really dark. In less than than a minute I was being felt up by Kelly, who said he wanted to feel my PA in his ass. I ended up fucking him against the back wall. I had caught a quick glimpse of him when some light spilled in from the bar. He was hairy, heavily tattooed, had a shaved head and was wearing only a leather vest. He was slightly shorter than me, too, which made stand-up fucking much easier than usual, since I’m only 5' 4“. (In fact, later, he stood on a bench so a really tall guy could fuck him more easily!!) Anyway, just after I shot in his ass, I realized he and I had ”met“ online, maybe two years ago, and we have been corresponding ever since. Small world.

We spent most of the next three hours playing with other guys there. He was into getting fucked by as many men as he could and wanted to suck my dick while he was doing it. I shot three loads in his hole.

One of the guys was a cute Brit named Paul (unfortunately, cut) who was loads of fun. He was shaved all over, but still very hot. He had a thing for spit. He’d spit on my shaved head and spread it around my skull and on my face. Very hot. We traded pit stink, too, and I fucked him. We agreed to meet again on Sunday at his hotel.

There was a beautiful daddy-bear type who I just couldn’t figure out. He responded well when I finally gave in and started playing with him. He stroked my cock for a while. Then he got distracted by a black man and they went into the bathroom together. I sat back down on the bench and in a couple of minutes he sat down next to me, the black man stood in front of him and they continued what they had started in the bathroom. I began rubbing his back and he turned to me and said, “Please, stop doing that.” OK, did you sit here just to torture me??? It was time to go anyway.

Kelly and I went to The Clover Grill in the Quarter for a burger. He talked quite a bit. I was really tired and and the music was deafening so I just tuned everything out. Sorry, Kelly. He’ll be back this weekend and I will fuck his sweet ass again.

Home at 5:45 AM. Yikes.

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Taking the T-Train

Two, yes TWO, meth-heads in one day.

TinaThe first one was a completely shaved guy who’s been after me for a while. I’m not generally interested in men who are that smooth but this guy was relentlessly pursuing me so I finally said yes. He lives about a half an hour from here in St. Bernard Parish and he asked me to bring poppers and lube. I had to wait for a train to pass and a draw bridge to close, so it took me closer to an hour to get there. There was some great COPS-like police action happening on his street, which was kind of fun. (“GET ON THE GROUND!!!”) His house was grossly Country-Kitchen. I should have known.

Although he claims to be “tight and toned,” the tina has started working it’s magic and he’s gotten a little soft. Still, he was pretty hot. Like a classic meth-head, he really just wanted to get fucked. It was fun as far as it went but I can’t really get into instantly fucking a guy I’m not that into. It’s no problem for me in a group when I’m already aroused, but this wasn't really working for me. Now, this was a hole a lot of guys would die for, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. Despite the embarassment I was grateful when the stench of his constant popper-sniffing made me lose my hard on. I acted suitably ashamed and left quickly, hoping I would catch the end of the crime action outside. No dice in that department, either. Damn.

Next up, a very hot, hairy, bearded man I’ve been chatting with online since I was here in February. It was another long drive, this time to Jefferson Parish. I got there around midnight, after he’d packed but before he left for a trip to his parents for Thanksgiving weekend. His house was over-stuffed and over-draped for such a masculine man to be living in alone, in my opinion. I guess that’s something I’ll have to get used to, living here.

Anyways, he was sexy but…

Before I got there he went to see a friend to get “party favors” for his trip. So, no kissing, no erection, lots of lying on the floor stoking to porn and LOTS of talking. Sigh.

I’m beginning to agree with GeekSlut who has completely given up fucking with tina-heads. We’ll see.

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StopwatchOK. Three guys in a row cum when we’re just getting started. Am I that good, or so bad that they just want to get outta here toot sweet?? I’m almost afraid to think about it.

First, R from the party on Saturday. We were fairly well into play but not nearly as far as we usually are when he shoots. He had also been topping other guys most of the night, so let’s not count him. Also, he reads this blog and I don’t want him to feel badly. (Oops.)

Early this afternoon, a Latin guy came over. We set it up online last night. He wasn’t quite what his picture showed but not that completely different, either. He was moussed to death, for one thing, slightly perfumed and dressed for work. (In slacks!!) Nice beefy body, though, and uncut cock. We played around some and he assumed the position—that's on his back with his ankles on my shoulders. I really liked piercing his tight, hairy hole. Then, within 60 seconds, BOOM! He came without even touching himself. I pulled out but he asked why and said to keep fucking him, so I did. As I continued pounding his ass, he said his shooting so soon was a compliment to my skill. I don’t believe it. Anyway, he quizzed me on my previous relationships and asked me why I wasn’t looking for another one, so I won’t be seeing him again, that’s for damn sure!

About an hour ago a guy came over who’s been asking me to get together since I moved here and always calls me “Sir.” Says he wants to service me any way, anytime, anyplace. I was finally horny enough to deal with the “Sir” thing but warned him I was really only in the mood for the basic suck ’n’ fuck. He agreed to that. He showed up and instantly took off all his clothes and started sucking my dick. Good thing, too, or I would have had time to notice his helmet hair and that he might be using someone else’s picture. He was a good cocksucker, so I decided to put those concerns aside for a while.

Once we got into the bedroom I made him take off my boots and service me some more. I knelt on a chair and had him eat my ass for a while. He was great at that, too! That’s when he said he was gonna shoot. Damn. After that, he completely lost interest in sex, of course, but I insisted that he help me get off. With some reluctance, he did and I shot my load. What nerve!! I went from “Sir” to the day-old bin in a matter of seconds. Wow.

Things can only get better, I guess.

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Dull day today. Slept through most of it. I finally had to leave the house to buy food because I was starving to death.

Butt PasteThe party last night was really fun, though. I got there around 11. It was in the basement of a big house uptown. Four slings, bed, WS room, snacks, beverages, anything you'd want. Oh, and 15 or so hot men, not a bad one among them, some men I hadn’t met before. I was kind of tired to begin with but I managed to have my share of fun. I think I'm going to have to add some ED stuff to my pharmacopeia if I want to keep running at this pace. Tonight was a bit of a trial in that department.

It was told it was a “fetish” party but, as usual, there was lots of fisting and not much else. I didn't mind. My buddies R and his lover K were there and D who I met at the last party. D had a long, very hot session with R but overloaded a bit on the poppers which didn't sit well with  Cialis and so had to recuperate for about an hour before he left. He still wasn’t feeling well when I saw him later outside The Phoenix. “Everything was fine unti I got out of the sling!” Pretty funny.

I had my usual fun with R, a great kisser who loves to be punch-fucked. I did my best. He shot before I really got into it and I always take that as a compliment. He’s not a “depth” guy, which I like because I feel like I have more control over what I’m doing. (As if.) Anyway, next time I’ll have to remember to stick my cock in his ass a little earlier and more often in the process. He’s a hot one and so is his other half who should come to town MORE OFTEN!!

There was a cute younger bear who really wanted my dick in his ass, even after he had a couple of really big ones in there. I did my best and he kept coming back for more but I don’t feel like I gave him my best. I’m sure we’ll try again soon.

The highlight of the party, for me anyway, was definitely L, a tall, very handsome bearded top with a very big dick. He had much more interest in me than I ever would have supected but I ain’t complaining! What a pig! He ate ass like a champ, kissed very passionately and sucked a mean dick. I even managed to deep throat him with no problem at all which isn’t something I do very well under the best of circumstances. I would definitely have bottomed for him if I had been better prepared.

L ended up on his back on the bed with the young bear riding his dick. L’s head was hanging over the end of the bed and several of us took turns fucking his throat. I had no trouble at all keeping my erection doing that, trust me. He asked me for my load and, again, I just couldn’t shoot, dammit!

Then…when I was leaning in to kiss him, he asked me if I wanted to pop his cherry! I’m sure it had already been “popped” more than once and the tina may have been talking at that point, but who wouldn’t have said yes to that? Unfortunately, after that he hopped in the shower and I used toys to fuck two guys at once, a first for me.

There was more, like fisting R while he was fisting K and L sucked my dick but I think you get the picture.

Then I was exhausted and gave L a ride to The Phoenix. I headed upstairs and lost track of him. Another guy I fucked with at the party was there. He introduced me to a couple of Phoenix regulars and he and I made out some before I disappeared into the crowd in the blackness. In the bathroom sucked off a filthy-talking skinny guy from Baton Rouge I play with sometimes. Otherwise the crowd started getting me cranky and I figured it was time to go home.

No wonder I slept all day!

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I went to a sex party tonight and I’m fucking exhausted. I’ll write about it tomorrow. It was fun!!

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The Phoenix

The PhoenixFinally, after almost three weeks of bronchitis and lingering congestion—yes, even through my trip to OKC—I feel normal again! Time to go to The Phoenix!!

The Phoenix is the good “back room” bar in New Orleans. Actually, the whole second floor is the back room. The upstairs is also the New Orleans Eagle. So, if you’re ever trying to find The Eagle and can’t find a sign for it, that’s because the sign is inside The Phoenix, at the bottom of the stairs. Why? I don’t know.

In a refreshing change from the rest of the back room bars in the country, sex here has become more open with the passage of time. Men even fuck at the bar while they’re drinking. It’s funny.

I got there around 11:30 and there wasn’t much of a crowd yet but the bathroom was packed. I let my eyes get used to the dark and drank my bottle of water. There were a couple of leather/muscle guys in half-harnesses and nothing much else doing what they do best which is fuck in front of people and not let anyone touch them. Tourists. I helped a hot man look for his, probably stolen, wallet but thought it would be kind of tasteless to ask for sex after that. (He was still there an hour and a half later trying to put my hand on his cock but by that time I was kind of over it.)
There was a skinny hairless guy sitting on the bench sucking whoever waved their dick in his face. He wasn’t very appealing to me but he was sucking a handsome, hairy, kinda tweaked, shaved-headed, goateed guy, so I horned in. I started playing with the hairy guy’s nipples and he directed things from there.

The skinny guy sucked me some. For a while I though all the hairy one could say was “Bust one up his ass, man. Bust one up his ass, man." So I plowed the guy’s hole while he sucked the tweaker’s soft dick. I could smell other loads in his ass. I fucked and fucked but no dice. I finally shot on his face while he was still sucking cutie-pie who, by the way, had a couple of my fingers up his ass. Turns out I shot too soon ’cause a minute later he was getting fucked, dammit. I wish it had been me but, on the other hand, I really needed to shoot one. The skinny guy wanted me to come over his place and fuck him some more but I wasn’t into it.

I got a another bottle of water and leaned against the wall next to the electric chair. I started playing with a guy I've played with before here and who I talk with online sometimes. He was an insanely good kisser and I remembered his furry butt. He got me hard again in no time but I knew I couldn't give him the load he wanted. He sucked me anyway and was really into my rank jock. I could taste it on his moustache when we kissed. I had to go but we are going to the same play party tomorrow and I promised to fuck him there.

I got lost on the way home and got an impromptu tour of Metarie. I'm tired now. Goodnight.

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Well, no nap for me! Finishing shaving my head at the mirror, I noticed someone staring in the window. Wow, handsome!! I dried off my skull and went to the door.

John was friendly, good-looking, naturally masculine, hairy and looking to play. And what a great kisser! We got so into that, it took us a while to get out of our clothes and into the bed. Lots of pit-licking, nipple and ass play while we tried to figure out who was topping—not that I had any doubt about it! He was sucking the two fingers I just had up his ass when I told him what a hot hole he had. Then he asked me what I wanted to put up there. Well, my dick and then my hand, of course. And I did.

Damn, what a talented hole this man had. What incredible muscle control. He was nice and tight for fucking and then he opened right up for my forearm. I love feeling the head of my cock as it pierces a hairy hole and he liked squeezing it when I entered him. I was in fucking heaven. He liked getting fucked deep and he ground his ass into me, not letting me pull out for another plunge. I had to stop, though, or I would shoot and have to recover before I could do anything else, and I had to get my hand in there. Really. I had to.

I managed to pull out. I grabbed the lube and poured some on my hand. He understood instantly. More kissing and pit-licking (we were both nice and ripe now) as I worked more fingers into his ass. Finally, he got on his hands and knees and let me know he was ready. There was some effort but he swallowed my hand pretty easily. Then he pushed and pushed until I was up to the elbow. Damn.

He asked me to pull out and then push back in again. Then he did something I’ve never seen or felt before: Using only his muscles, he pushed my arm out and then sucked it back in over and over again! It was amazing and got me rock hard again. He did the same thing upright on his knees, too!

Back on his hands and knees, he begged me to stretch his hole using both hands. I got both in past the wrists and couldn’t go any farther. I clasped my hands inside him and pushed my arms away from each other but no dice.

I was ready to pop and said so. He asked me to hold on a little while longer. He got on his back with a couple of pillows under his ass and I punch fucked him with my fist, sometimes just twisting my hand in his hole.

Finally, I put my hand and my dick in at the same time and I jacked myself inside him until I shot. I kept them both in there until he got himself off, too.


We cleaned up, made out a little more and he left. I sure wouldn’t mind playing with this one again.

I’m starving!

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Danny woke me up with a call at 10 AM! Christ, I’ve known the guy for, like, 15 years or something, you’d think he’d know better than to call me that early. Having not seen him in over four years, I pretended to already be awake. We decided to not decide what to do but that he and John would pick me up at 11.

It was great to see him again after so long and I’m really glad we’re still friends after all this time. He looked great despite a touch of the lipodystrophy. I think he’s kind of self-conscious about it but, as I said to him, the alternative is even less pretty. I love him and I’m especially happy that he’s sharing his life with someone he loves. That’s not what I’m looking for and any potential partners of mine should be relieved about that, trust me.

Delicious breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg, a local chainette of breakfast/lunch joints. Then a quick trip to Old Navy to buy my favorite Mechanic’s Jacket in this year’s dark grey ($10 off!!), and a visit to Danny and John’s house to meet the dogs and the cat, who nearly coughed up a hairball on my hand. I didn’t take it personally.

We went to see The Incredibles. It was really fun! After a deadly dull first half hour it finally became an exciting, satisfying action movie. I don’t buy the criticism that it’s a conservative, family-values screed, by the way. That’s a preposterous idea. These characters are obviously unhappy being domesticated. Please.

Anyway, a short nap and then, hopefully, some more play.

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A Tiger and a Pig

Nice nap. Met Keith for dinner. Damned if he didn't have a stunning COLT model with him who he hired to dance at the Copa. This guy, Tyger, was fucking beautiful. I thought my ribcage was gonna bust when he hugged me. He has an incredible body and it’s from working as a stonemason where he lives in Portland OR. He doesn't workout at all! Seductive as he is, he’s not enough to make me wish I'd gotten a real job and didn't sit on my ass all day.

Back at my room, it was a slow night, cold and wet, without much cruising going on for a Friday night. At one point I went to the Copa and talked to Tyger after he'd been go-go-ing for a while. I was enjoying his odor; it was nice and arousing to me but not really strong or anything. Then Keith suddenly whisked him away. I found out later that the Copa’s owners thought Tiger stank to high heaven and Keith was taking him back to the hotel so he could shower!!! Now, the owners are these guys in cowboy hats and boots who wouldn’t seem out of place in a Toby Keith video, Here they are complaining that a guy who’s spending all night dancing under hot lights on a platform above a crowd of drunks has an offensive odor!! Amazing. They must sell a lot of deodorant in red states. In retrospect, I guess I should have offered him my room to shower! Dammit!

Back in my room again I saw a couple of prospects walk by but nothing got me going except this one handsome bear who was walking back and forth in his stocking feet. I finally invited him in and he said his partner was a real cum-pig and wanted more loads. Hell yeah! He was only two rooms away, too!

The partner was lean, dark and clean-cut but handsome and scruffy enough to suit me with a nicely muscled, hairy body. He immediately got off the bed, sat on the floor and motioned me over to him. He yanked my jeans down, pulled my dick out of my jock and started sucking. I was hard in seconds! He would stop sometimes to sniff the filthy jock, too, when he wasn't looking directly into my eyes. The bear reclined on the bed, naked and grinning, stroking his fat dick. I told the boy if he really wanted a big load fast, I should lie down on the bed. We got ourselves re-situated and he started sucking again, this time paying more attention to my balls. The bear put his arm around me, played with my nipples and kissed me. I called the boy a pig and a filthy cocksucker, which he definitely was, and both of them got more into it. I finally shot my second big load of the day. He swallowed every drop and kept sucking. Then hugs, kisses and thank-you's all around. I walked back to my room without putting my pants back on and my dick still hanging out of my jock.

Sweet dreams.

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Well, it didn’t take long!

JeffLess than an hour after I checked in, I looked up from “Under the Banner of Heaven” to see this guy looking into my room, asking if he could come in. I wish this crappy camera-phone pic did him justice; he’s really sexy. After he made himself comfortable he said “I bet you think I'm a hustler.” I didn’t but he was, of course. After I told him that I wasn't going to pay him for sex, he said, “But I‘ll do anything for $20!’” Oh, what the hell? Who am I to deny a crackhead his fix? Besides, we all pay for sex somehow.

He undressed and we got down to it. Unfortunately he was a lousy kisser and, much as I wanted to fuck his beautiful furry hole, I just could’t get past my having only gotten two hours sleep. So I “settled” for a stellar blow job. It was great even though I had to remove my PA because it was “limiting his technique.” He did just what I loved and looked into my eyes while he sucked my dick. At one point he said “Tips are appreciated!” It was hilarious. Then he buried the head deep in his throat as I shot a week’s worth of cum inside him. What a fucking relief!! Just what I needed.

Nap time!

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Viva Habana!

Habana InnI just checked into the Habana Inn, Oklahoma City, OK. In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Habana is a gay “resort,” in other words, a sex club masquerading as a motel. I’m here to visit friends, maybe work and, mostly, plow some Great Plains ass.

I love the Habana. It’s everything the Parliament House in Orlando used to be and should still be; and what the Parliament Resort in Augusta GA still is. The staff, rude as they might sometimes be, actually encourage cruising the rooms after the on-site bars close. There is almost always a refreshing variety of men here looking for actual sex, not just a bunch of giggling queens gawking at the guests like they’re visiting a zoo. (Not that there are none of those.)

When I first left Philadelphia in 2000, escaping a stalking ex-lover, I stayed here for six weeks. Not only did I have a lot of sex but I was impressed with the masculinity of the men as well as the fact that this place even existed in such an unlikely place as OKC. I hope things haven’t changed much after four years of our recently re-elected “faith-based” administration.

I’ll be here until Monday, sitting in my shorts in my room window and cruising the internet using the Habana’s ancient and unreliable phone lines. (C’mon, guys! It’s 2004!! Let’s get some broadband going on in this place, fer Chrissake!)

Back soon!

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