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The other me

The GloryoleI’m not always sitting at the computer typing, as if anyone cares about anything I have to say. Sometimes I sit at the computer maintaining an adult web site, unconnected with this one. (That’s a picture of me, hard at work, on the left.) Things were going along quite nicely for years with minimum effort, providing me with an adequate income. Then everything changed.

iBill, the company who processes the credit card payments for my site, started having some financial problems. Actually, they were huge financial problems. They continued taking my customers’ monthy subscription fees but stopped paying me. In fact, they haven’t made a pay-out since the 1st of October. iBill is the largest company in the world who provide this service, so I’m not alone in this, by the way. They didn’t bother telling anyone about this situation until two days before they stopped payments. As of January 1, 2005, they will be holding three months worth of what is, for all intents and purposes, my salary. After three months of excuses on their web site and many unreturned phone calls, I’m essentially broke.

I know, boo-hoo, poor, destitute pornographer. Who cares? Well, I ain’t asking for sympathy, I'm just ranting and getting this out there.

I can switch to another company and have actually started that process. Unfortunately, it involves paying a hefty yearly “registration fee” required by VISA for “high risk” (meaning adult) sites. Since I haven’t been paid in such a long time this will essentially clean me out. Also, this will only be for my new customers. My other customers, some of whom have been with me for years will continue to pay money to iBill which I, most likely, will never see. Word on the adult webmaster street is that iBill will declare bankruptcy and the thousands of people they owe money to will be up the proverbial creek.

The InterNext porn convention is in Las Vegas next week. If iBill has a presence there’and they normally do’they will be converged upon by angry customers. And they certainly should be. If they don’t show up, they’ll be sending a really depressing message to their customers. We’ll see, I guess. The guys I’m staying with will be attending the convention. I’ll keep you informed.

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More Johnny Bravo

Johnny BravoI got a nice Christmas e-mail from Johnny Bravo, my straight buddy on WebCamNow the other day. God knows how he found out about it, but he thanked me for my previous posting about him and assured me he will get in touch when he’s in NOLA next year. I was fuckin’ floored! I was afraid he’d be pissed off or something. Anyway, he asked if I’d like some naked pics. Hell yeah, I would!! So, he sent some along, taken last Thursday, and said I could feel free to post them. Here’s one of them. I’ll post more in the next week or so. Thank God straight men don't shave their butt hair! I have nothing more to say.

Thanks, Johnny!!

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The Phoenix

NippleBetween the non-excitement of “the holidays,” being sick and discovering my favorite album of the year, I nearly forgot that I went to The Phoenix last night. Even though it was a Sunday night, I figured, since it was the night after Christmas, it might be at least a little busy. Downstairs was dead, upstairs there were, maybe, two dozen men total, including the guys sitting at the bar.

Ric and Ken were upstairs getting into some ass play. When they were ready to head out they asked if I wanted to go home with them. I was there to get off and go home, so I declined. Luckily, Ken is in town through New Years so the three of us can get some play in during the week.

The bench area was kind of empty, so I headed to the bathroom. It was packed. I got rock hard instantly, not surprising considering it’s been a week since I’ve even thought about my dick. There were two guys there I liked a lot but they didn’t seem interested. A third guy, though, ended up being just what I was looking for. He was a big, beefy blonde, with a nice, scruffy beard and inch thick hair spread over his chest and belly. He had a fat dick, too, and was a great kisser, but when he saw that I had a PA he dropped his pants and bent over. I fucked his hairy hole while he urged me on and a bunch of guys in the room helped us out. He turned around before I shot, we made out for a while and I got to enjoy his beautiful chest hair. I took a little break. Man, it felt fucking great to be out again!

The blonde guy was out by the benches later and ready for more, so we went at it again. It was more comfortable because he could lean on the bench get his ass lower for me. I dropped my pants and fucked him really deep. Again, we stopped before I shot my load. Next to us an hot, bearded, hairy guy was getting comfortable, sitting on a man’s dick. He started kissing me and another guy got on his knees and finished me off. I never did see his face but he got a week’s worth of my cum in his throat. I pulled up my pants, zipped up and headed home.

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The Kleptones

A Night At The Hip Hopera“A Night At The Hip Hopera” is one of the best records ever made. It was never meant to be “officially” released but, still, it’s being supressed by Disney for some unknown reason. It’s a brilliant mix of Queen tracks with new and classic hip-hop vocals and some other ridiculous stuff. It’s a MASTERPIECE!! All the drama that Queen so pretentiously—and unsuccessfully—tried their entire career to create is brought to brilliant fruition on nearly every track on this incredible record. The last track, Question, is actually moving and has an emotional sample from Brad Pitt, of all people. Download it NOW from Klepshimi.

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World’s Strongest Man

I’m feeling much better, in fact almost normal. I should be back to my regular hijinks by, say, Sunday night.

Vasil Virastyuk

In the meantime get a load of Vasil Virastyuk, Ukrainian winner of The World’s Strongest Man Competition on ESPN tonight. He dragged a 20 ton truck down the street!

Vasil Virastyuk

I love him.

Matt Furey

While you’re at it, say “Hello” to Matt Furey’s beautiful ass. This character sells a bunch of fitness products on the web and has a touching testimonial from none other than Steven Regal! Oddly, I believe him and he is hot as hell but he still ain’t getting a penny out of me. I don’t have the genetic material and/or I’m just too goddam lazy to ever look like that!

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From AOL, of course.

Fringer19: hello
HighStrungLoner: Hey
Fringer19: how's it going
HighStrungLoner: I have a cold.
Fringer19: awe, poor boo i saw your pic, and youre a fucking hottie
HighStrungLoner: Did you just call me “boo?”
Fringer19: yeah
HighStrungLoner: You have a good night now.
Fringer19: sure thing boo

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Taco Bell = Death

Believe it. I have food poisoning.

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Cigar Daddy?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

CigarGetting used to being called Daddy was painful but, at least, I didn’t have to do much. Saying, “Good boy!” every now and then during sex, stupid as it felt, seemed to do the trick. I slowly got used to it, mostly because it got me laid. Then I posted profile pictures of myself smoking a cigar and things really changed. Now I’m supposed to somehow incorporate cigar smoking into fucking. I’m not very verbal during sex to begin with. I prefer keeping my mouth shut and making intimate eye-contact. It was easy to sit back and enjoy a great blow job and a good cigar at the same time. Now I have to blow smoke at my “boy” and use my brain to come up with “hot” things to say, like “How do you like sucking your cigar-smoking Daddy-bear’s dick?” That sounds preposterous to me in any situation. While I’m getting my dick sucked it’s an incredible distraction.

When I first started smoking cigars, I thought, “I must really look like a pretentious asshole. I took some pictures of myself with my camera phone just to prove to myself that I should never smoke a cigar in front of anyone. Surprisingly, I looked good! Damn. I figured, what the hell, I need new pics anyway, so I performed some Photoshop magic to make them acceptable for public consumption—mostly making sure my eyes weren’t Frankenstein-like black holes—and I posted them. The e-mail started pouring in. Suddenly I was popular again!

I know. Everyone should have such problems at 51. Humor me.

Sexual role-playing is something I’ve always tried to avoid, since, for me, it restricts intimacy. (I’m not sure what role-playing and other sexual accessories mean for other people. I could be shallow and say they’re trying to work out some childhood trauma but I don’t really believe it.) It might seem strange to regular readers of this blog but intimacy is ultimately what I'm after. For me, man-to-man sex, even with someone whose face I never see and whose name I don’t care about, is not only a unique, necessary and irreplaceable expression of male intimacy but it’s an important political act as well. Forget about running around in the woods, drumming in the nude. Having sex with each other is the one important ritual that has lasted through the milennia and the one that still means something.

There are a lot of people—even, depressing to say, gay people—who want us to believe that sex without what Rufus Wainwright calls “the steel-eyed vampire of love” is wrong. Don’t believe them. They want to destroy you. Remember, sex is GOOD.

Wow. And I was just going to write about a disappointing sexual encounter I had last night.

Anyway, this guy wrote to me every day for about a week, saying he was going to be stoppping in NOLA for a night on his way from Austin TX to Florida and that he really wanted to get together with a “cigar-smoking Daddy” like ME. He couldn’t stop yapping about it online. I got multiple IMs and e-mails every day. Besides hating that kind of pressure to perform, I start to think a guy’s insane or high or something.

Still, I met him early last night in his hotel room. He was really good-looking, despite not looking like his pictures, taller and younger-looking than I thought he’d be. So-far, so-good. His scenario was that he would blow me while I smoked a cigar and then I’d shoot a load in his ass. I think it would have worked for me if there was a comfortable chair in his room. I know it sounds like a minor complaint but, like I said, I’m not very comfortable in this role to begin with, so I couldn’t sustain it just standing there looking down at the top of his head and around the room. Don’t get me wrong, he was good, the problem was completely my own. Luckily, my erection was strong and I figured we ought to move on to Act Two. He wanted to ride me and he was very good at it. Eventually I figured I wasn’t going to be able to give him the load he wanted, at least not in that position and we ended up beating off together.

I was disappointed but he insisted he loved it. I went home and stared at the computer screen the rest of the night. I guess I was satisfied, too, since I was home by 9:30 and didn’t go out again. Who knows? Maybe I’m better at this than I give myself credit for. Oooh, that’s a good one!

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Staying in

For the very first Friday night since I moved here, I didn’t go to The Phoenix. Expect Hell to freeze over any minute. I’m not sure if I was too lazy or I’m just smartening up a little.

I am meeting a man from out-of-town around dinner time tomorrow and he expects a lot. Now that should be interesting! I’m the first thing on his New Orleans agenda. Oy, the pressure.

Good night.

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Mark Ruffalo's penis

Mark RuffaloI watched the Director's Cut DVD of Jane Campion's In The Cut last night. I really liked the novel and the movie is not bad. The book did a better job of incorporating the heroine's love of words with the sex and thriller aspects of the story. The movie doesn't successfully visualize her inner life, although they do try and it's certainly beautifully shot. The cinematography is more than just pretty, too, it's appropriate. The film is worth renting for no other reason than to see Campion grappling with what is for the most part a genre picture and for Mark Ruffalo's dick. Meg Ryan is terrific in it, even though she seems to be channeling Nicole Kidman. Kidman produced the movie, so I guess she was suppposed to be in it herself.

Mark RuffaloI didn't see it in the movies, so I'm not sure if this shot of Mark Ruffalo's meaty dick was in the theatrical release or not. There's a glimpse of it earlier in the movie, before the sex scene, but this semi-close-up appears at the beginning of their post-cunnilingal chit-chat. Then there's a bit of business in which he pulls the covers over it and then she covers it even more! Too bad.

Ruffalo is very sexy in this movie and, because of his seductive performance, the inevitable cop/victim hook-up is more believable than most. Besides, they get it out of the way early which adds tension to the later scenes instead of relieving it. Anyway, the movie's not bad but the book is a better bet, especially now that I've shown you the good part.

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Media Whore

It seems like every time Andrew Sullivan develops a new ailment, he feels compelled to shout about it from the media rooftops. It’s as if he thinks he’s the first or only person to whom this has ever happened. Christ, Sully, fatsos on the Bears Mailing List have been moaning about sleep apnea for years!

Andrew SullivanOn the bright side, we get to see humiliating pictures like this one from his appearance yesterday with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during which the apparently blind Dr. Sanjay Gupta assures Andrew that he is is not obese! You can see and hear for yourself in this video. Savor the rare moment when Andrew says, “I’m going to stop talking now,” as he puts on his CPAP mask. I wonder, too, about the tenuous state of his home life if, as he says, his relationship was at stake because of his snoring!! Poor thing. Between this and the foreclosure on his Provincetown condo, he’s going to need a good night’s sleep.

And why is Big Ben in the background?? It makes Andy look like one of those British Blitz-inspired fetisists, doesn’t it?

Thanks to Wonkette and Gawker.

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NOW it's Xmas

It's SNOWING in New Orleans!

Xmas i NOLA

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