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Today’s Photo

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon. Space Gallery, Portland, ME. (Click on the photo for a closer look!)

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Today’s Photo

William Tyler

William Tyler. Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME. (Click on William for a closer look!)

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Today’s Photo

Bit Shifter

Bit Shifter. Blip Festival 2012, Gramercy Theater, NY NY. (Click on the photo for a closer look!)

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Before & After

I watched the Lincoln Center Out of Doors live stream of Robert Ellis show last night. It was OK. Mostly, I just thought he was really cute. His vocal delivery was a kind of overwrought, with the veins in his temples throbbing. After Googling him, I figured he must have hired a stylist before his move from Nashville to Brooklyn last week. You can click on his pic for a closer look!

PS. Roseanne Cash will be streaming Saturday at 6!

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The Oprah of Scruff

Barista philosophy

I think it’s simply adorable when the Smiths fan who serves me coffee shares his profound ideas about how to make myself a better person. In my opinion, he might want to try a little of his own advice, beginning with #4.

Straight Edge. Please. The 80s called…they want their pseudo-populist, judgmental punks back. (Are straight edge punks supposed to drink coffee?)

I love it when people who already have a life partner and/or regular sex-partner think Scruff-like apps should evolve into  networking tools. Please. If you want a gay networking app, fucking start one.

Also "peak your interest." Ugh.

You can click on still_ill (and you’ll probably have to click again) for a larger version of this pretentious horseshit, if you care, which I’m sure you don’t.

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▶ Auld Lang Syne – Pussy Willows Theremin New Years Eve Video – YouTube.

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Dangerous Minds | Unreleased Talking Heads track recorded live at CBGB’s show, 1976

I was at this show! It was my first time at CBGB and I was lucky enough to catch Television and Talking Heads. I had moved to NYC to go to NYU Film School. I called all of my friends in Philly and told them they had to come up for Saturday night's show.  Things weren't the same for any of us after that weekend.

Dangerous Minds | Unreleased Talking Heads track recorded live at CBGB’s show, 1976.

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Dance floor

The dance floor looked pretty cool from upstairs. (This looks a lot better if you switch it to HD after it starts playing.)

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Eoto had amazing lighting

Eoto at House of Blues, Boston. (This looks a lot better if you switch it to HD after it starts playing.)

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Drums & Tuba show

I went to a local club called TwiRoPa last night to see Drums & Tuba, a band I like a lot but have never seen before. The space is really nice, but it was very empty. There were only about 35-40 people there.

At first I couldn't figure out why the sound board was on a table directly in front of the stage but it turned out that the opening act was a solo act called Micronaut. He walked up, pulled the table out a bit, lit a couple of candles and started playing. All he had was a small mixer, a weird LCD device I'd never seen before and a couple of pedals. His music was great. It's kind of what I always thought dance music would sound like in 2005. The beats sounded nothing like normal drums and there were a lot of loops with tiny hints of melodies completely distorted. He used some spoken word loops but not enough of them, I thought. There was no singing or samples of fat, black women doing disco classics, thank god. It was pretty much the polar opposite of the collection of Depeche Mode remixes I listened to on the way there and back. On the minus side, there were no real transitions between songs besides some droning noises and the set had no real arc or drama. I'd go see him again, though, any time. I looked him up after I got home and it turns out he's a teeny bit famous.

Since Micronaut only had to pack his stuff into a couple of small suitcases, there was only about a ten minute break before Drums & Tuba began, again with no introduction. There are three of them: a guitarist, a drummer and a tuba player. They were so much bettter than their records, it's almost hard to believe—incredibly powerful. They very obviously enjoy what they're doing, too. It shows clearly in their facial expressions and visual interactions. They play a kind of rock/jazz fusion I normally hate but they give it a hard edge with some help from machines looping, echoing and distorting the instrument sounds. It was fascinating to watch how they did some of the stuff. For instance, the guitarist would play a riff repeatedly and the tuba player would use something to capture it. Then I'd notice I could still hear the riff but the guy was actually playing something else. It was amazing. Things would suddenly start playing backwards or change tone and sond like they were playing on the other side of a huge hall or get really fuzzy. Since the "bassist" was actually playing a tuba and not a bass, he had a hand free all the time to fuck around with the machines. I guess this makes the tuba thing more than just a gimmick but maybe not. In any case they sounded fine and, after five albums, I guess it's working for them. I know it worked for me, so who cares?

The guitarist, by the way, was very cute. Aside from the hotness factor he was also very animated and the most fun to watch.

I'm sorry I won't be in town next Wednesday to see them again. Good luck in Europe, guys.

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Drums & Tuba


Where have I been?? I just found out Drums & Tuba, one of my favorite bands, have been playing in a club down the street every Wednesday this month. I nearly missed them! I just bought a ticket for this Wednesday night. Whew! Finally, something to live for!

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The Kleptones

A Night At The Hip Hopera“A Night At The Hip Hopera” is one of the best records ever made. It was never meant to be “officially” released but, still, it’s being supressed by Disney for some unknown reason. It’s a brilliant mix of Queen tracks with new and classic hip-hop vocals and some other ridiculous stuff. It’s a MASTERPIECE!! All the drama that Queen so pretentiously—and unsuccessfully—tried their entire career to create is brought to brilliant fruition on nearly every track on this incredible record. The last track, Question, is actually moving and has an emotional sample from Brad Pitt, of all people. Download it NOW from Klepshimi.

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