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Media Whore

It seems like every time Andrew Sullivan develops a new ailment, he feels compelled to shout about it from the media rooftops. It’s as if he thinks he’s the first or only person to whom this has ever happened. Christ, Sully, fatsos on the Bears Mailing List have been moaning about sleep apnea for years!

Andrew SullivanOn the bright side, we get to see humiliating pictures like this one from his appearance yesterday with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during which the apparently blind Dr. Sanjay Gupta assures Andrew that he is is not obese! You can see and hear for yourself in this video. Savor the rare moment when Andrew says, “I’m going to stop talking now,” as he puts on his CPAP mask. I wonder, too, about the tenuous state of his home life if, as he says, his relationship was at stake because of his snoring!! Poor thing. Between this and the foreclosure on his Provincetown condo, he’s going to need a good night’s sleep.

And why is Big Ben in the background?? It makes Andy look like one of those British Blitz-inspired fetisists, doesn’t it?

Thanks to Wonkette and Gawker.

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